Spark of an Idea

Over the holiday weekend a friend and I were enjoying an adult beverage (s) and talking up what else?  Business and Entrepreneurship of course.  My friend pointed out to me a new company seeking funding via Kick StarterSpark.  The idea behind Spark is pure genius.  This product connects all your lights to your smart phone, tablet, or computer via WIFI Internet.  Enabling the user to turn on, turn off, dim, or adjust light settings from anywhere in the world.

This follows our entrepreneurship them of finding a niche, providing consumers a product / service they never knew they needed, and executing the business plan.  Spark is currently in the process of raising $250K for development of the Spark project.  For $59 you can become a backer and receive a Spark when it rolls off the assembly line in July 2013.  See the video from the company founder for a great 3 minute introduction to the product.

Spark has opened up the development of Apps to any code writers that can come up with the best way to use the product.  This is obviously entrepreneurial of Spark, but also increases the chances of developers finding interesting ways to use Spark, and potentially drive sales longer term.

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