Ledbury: Entreprenuer’s Born from 2008 Economic Collapse

My brother (a Titan of Wall Street) recently turned me onto Ledbury button down shirts for work.  Initially I thought…….it’s just a shirt right, how cool could it really be?  After wearing the gear a few times I have fallen in love.  The fabric is the highest quality, the buttons are precise, and the fit has been redesigned to contour the rugged man of 2013.

So I already liked Ledbury the company, but then I found out they did not just make the best shirt on the market today, but they also were a great entrepreneur story.  The company was founded by two MBALED students who graduated from B-school the same day Lehman brothers filed for bankruptcy back on September 15, 2008.  The founders had jobs lined up in finance after college, but those jobs were gone after the economic crash.  Unemployed and with no where to turn, the two founders decided to start a shirt company.  Today the company has over 12K customers and growing.

The irony is that if Paul & Paul (the founders) had not lost their jobs they probably never would have created this great American company.  Sometimes great entrepreneurs are never born because they always wait for the perfect time or the perfect opportunity, when in reality you have to choose your best opportunity and make your Ledbury happen.

Below is a CNBC video from a recent Squwak Box interview with the Ledbury founders, part of Squwak Box “disruptor’s” series:

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