Entreprenuer: GoGo SqueeZ

I am constantly amazed by entrepreneurs that find a niche that serves a need the market never even knew that it wanted.  Last night on Twitter I ran across a Forbes article on GoGo SqueeZ.  This company markets crushed apples in a package that you can eat right out of the package and charges a huge premium.  Then they also manufacture the product in a 100% natural, gluten free, BPA packaging free, wheat free, vegan friendly, no fructose corn syrup way that makes you feel like paying that “organic” type of premium is justified.  The product is flying off the shelves, growing top line revenue from just $6 million two years ago to over $100 million a year.  I have no idea how many 3.2 ounce individual packages that would be, but my guess is a lot, like millions per year.   

This is one of those ideas that after you see the success you say, “why didn’t I think of that?!?@#$ %*&%^!!!”  Truly amazing story and an example of how the market can constantly be re-invented when entrepreneurs develop products that consumers never knew they could not live without.

Like all good start-ups (and well run businesses in general) GoGo SqueeZ followed its strategy:

1.  Identify the Niche

2.  Exploit the Niche

3.  Constantly Meet & Exceed your clients expectations

4.  Execute, Execute, Execute

Bravo GoGo SqueeZ, Bravo.

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